Polypropylene Cam & groove coupling ( Polipropileno Acoples camlock )

Polypropylene camlock couplings are typically used in low pressure suction or discharge hoses of firefighting pumps, IBC (intermediate Bulk Container) containers and other applications where need quick connect or disconnect operations. Black polypropylene camlocks have excellent chemical resistance to most aggressive chemicals and corrosive solvents although it is not as durable as stainless, nylon or aluminum camlocks. Cam arms and pins for polypropylene camlocks are stainless steel. As the polypropylene cam & groove coupling is not as strong as metal camlocks, workers should be careful when crimp or attach the coupling for it can break or crush easily. Quick camlock fittings are simple to install. Insert the adapter to the coupler of the same size and close the handles at the same time in an even manner. All polypropylene cam & groove fittings are NOT for use with compressed air or gases. Polypropylene dust caps and plugs should not be used in pressure applications. Many polypropylene camlock couplings are on the desk. Polypropylene camlock couplings Your benefits: Excellent chemical resistance; Economical option for quick hose coupling; No tools needed; Connect or disconnect in an easy way. Product description: Body material: polypropylene; Handles & pins: stainless steel; Working pressure: depends on size and temperature; Temperature range: – 15°F to +200°F (Water); Type: A, B, C, D, E, F, DC &DP; Size: 1/2″ to 4″;